How to get 6 byte mac address at nrf51822

When I scan BLE device at nRF UARTv2.0 App in Android4.4, it is appar device name(Ex:Nordic_UART) and 6 byte device address(MAC address?). I want to include mac address in device name. How to get 6 byte mac address at nrf51822?

  • By default, the BLE address is derived from the NRF_FICR->DEVICEADDR[] and is of 48 bits length (6 bytes). This registers are randomly generated in our production, and they are unique for each device (2^46 different combinations, due to MSbits set to '11').

    You can read out the address using the API call, "sd_ble_gap_address_get(..);" or reading the FICR->DEVICEADDR[x] registers.

    Example: My device advertises with "0xE724 08C78790"

    DEVICEADDR[0] = 0x08C78790 DEVICEADDR[1] = 0xYYYYA724

    The reason why "A7" becomes "E7" is because the specification says that the 2 MSBit of the address must be set '11' (if you're very interested, see Bluetooth Core v4.0, Vol 3, Part C, chapter 10.8.1.)

    BR Håkon

  • Thanks for your help. I succecced it.

    char strDeviceName[20]; void device_name_set(void) { int no; no = NRF_FICR->DEVICEADDR0%100000; sprintf(&strDeviceName[0], "%s%05d\0", &DEVICE_NAME[0], no);


    static void gap_params_init(void) { ... device_name_set(); err_code = sd_ble_gap_device_name_set(&sec_mode, (uint8_t *) strDeviceName, strlen(strDeviceName)); ... }

    Good day.

  • Can I change the mac address by some APPs or some upper monitor?

  • Hi Jackson,

    You can only change the MAC on your local device. To change it on a peer-device, you will need to implement a "hook" (or a ble service) to do this.

    Cheers, Håkon

  • I use the code below but I got the mac address is different from I set .What's more,I find it is constant.

    ble_gap_addr_t m_address_1;
    for(uint8_t i = 0;i<2;i++)
       m_address_1.addr[i] = 0xAAAAAAAA;
    sd_ble_gap_address_set(BLE_GAP_ADDR_CYCLE_MODE_NONE, &m_address_1);
            for(uint8_t i = 0;i<2;i++)