Help with restarting, debugging and size-limitations for DFU procedure needed


while I already managed to solve a couple of problems regarding a proper handling of the DFU procedure in my previous topic here, there are still 3 problems that remain where I could use some help...

  1. How can I trigger a 'hard-reset' within the Nordic SDK, that behaves like using the on-/off-switch on the nRF52832 dev-board? Apparently a mere 'soft-reset' - f.ex. after a watchdog-timeout - isnt enough to get a restart in application-mode, when successfully completing the DFU procedure!

  2. How can I enable the debugging for the bootloader_secure-example, when using a gcc-toolchain? Basically something like this here, but just for a direct handling on cmd-line-basis with gcc and SDK v12.2.0! Has anyone done that before?

  3. Apparently I can only complete the DFU procedure for a pkg-file, that just includes my application (f.ex. buttonless_dfu-example), but not for a pkg-file which includes the bootloader and the softdevice due to a 'REMOTE DFU DATA SIZE EXCEEDS LIMIT'-error, even though this file is smaller then the test-files given within the dfu_send_hex-example!

I would very much appreciate any help on those issues!

Kind regards