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sd_ecb_block_encrypt() related question

Hello, I just want to clarity the sd_ecb_block_encrypt() operation cases (S110).

In pp. 23.1.3 of RM (Shared resources) sayed:

The ECB, CCM, and AAR share the same AES module. The ECB will always have lowest priority and if there is a sharing conflict during encryption, the ECB operation will be aborted and an ERRORECB event will be generated.

In PS sayed:

Time for a 16 byte AES block encrypt. 8.5 - 17 μs

So the question is whether the sd_ecb_block_encrypt() handles ERRORECB event and waits untill shared resource become available to perform the ECB encryption. If correct answer - YES, what timings of the sd_ecb_block_encrypt()?