Tx power Beacon and NRF52


I want to know Tx power and duty cycle information of Beacon and NRF52 for the following cases:

In our case NRF52 will be our receiver and Beacon will be transmitter.

Consider NRF52 as an master and beacon as an slave.

  1. When beacon is advertising and NRF52 is also doing searching for the slave.
  2. When beacon is connected to NRF52.
  3. When NRF52 gets disconnected from the beacon.
  4. To how many beacons maximum the NRF52 can be connected at a time?
  5. What happens if there are many NRF52 in the scenario.
  • Could you provide some more details on what you mean by I want to know Tx power and duty cycle information of Beacon and NRF52? TX-power is whatever you set it to be. Is the beacon also nRF52/Nordic device, or some other vendor?

  • As you know duty cycle means that amount to time that the device is on.

    I actually want to know does Tx power of NRF52 and beacon kit ( NRF51) changes when the NRF52 is receiving the broadcast data from the beacon? Or they are same ??

    What is the Tx power of NRF52 and beacon ( NRF51) when they are idle ?

  • In our case NRF52 is a receiver and beacons ( NRF51) is a transmitter.

    We are creating program which calculates position based on RSSI values sent by the beacon.

    First thing we want to know that can beacons can broadcast battery level as well along with RSSi values ?

    If there are many NRF52 ( Receiver) in a scenario so how the beacon will connected or how receiver will get broadcasted beacon message?