Running Zephyr beacon sample without dev kit

I'm having issues executing any Zephyr project on a breadboard connected to a ISP1302. It works fine on the nRF51-DK but anything I try a final hardware nothing happens. Tried LED blink, UART comms and now a beacon (because it doesn't rely on any GPIO).

I'm trying to run the zephyr beacon sample. The ISP1302 docs doesn't specify the variant of the nRF51822 on it, but it says 128kb flash and 16kb sram, so I'm assuming it's the nRF51822_QFAB

I can follow all the instructions to compile the hex/bin as per without issues.

I'm using the nrf51_blenano as a base with only 2 changes:

  • nrf51_blenano/Kconfig.board -> depends on SOC_NRF51822_QFAB
  • nrf51_blenano/nrf51_blenano_defconfig -> CONFIG_SOC_NRF51822_QFAB=y

So basically assuming the same board (ble nano is very plain empty) and just changed the specific SoC.

Compilation goes fine (make BOARD=nrf51_blenano), then I'm using a ST-Link/V2 and OpenOCD to flash the SoC without issues too:

nrf51 mass_erase
flash write_image <full path>/zephyr.hex 0
reset run

If I execute the same process on the nRF51-DK it goes without issues. Only difference is make BOARD=nrf51_pca10028 and use ./nrfjprog --program file.hex to code.

With the dev kit I can see the advertised beacon (using app from Google Play) and with the ISP1302 it doesn't.

  • are there any extra changes to the Kconf necessary?
  • does the ISP1302 needs some enable or pull down connected to be able to execute?

For everything I tried it's usually the same. It works on the dev-kit but not on final hardware (was also trying earlier an WT51822