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HowTo use S132 to for uart to Windows 10

I am currently using a CSR 4.0 dongle 8510 A10 chip on Windows 10 Creators update

I can get it to Pair with the nRF52832 in windows, according to windows.

I have a "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link (COM3) in Device manager. I have tried to connect to com3 with Hyperserialport program, but no data is coming.

The S132 v2.01 ( Adafruit nrf52 Feather ) uart connected state is not activated ( a LED on the nrf52832 is not in correct state)

I need to learn how to activate the NUS uart to Windows program connection.

Can anyone provide more information?

  • Can you point to how to create a windows dongle with a nrf52832 and how to pair and activate the connection from windows?

Any pointers to code that works on windows 10 and uses S132 ?

Best Regards Bo-Erik