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Have I damaged my nRF52832 Dev Kit?

I have been analyzing the current consumption of my nRF52832 dev kit today using both a multi meter and an oscilloscope with a resistor. I'm not sure what I exactly did that lead to this, but now my board constantly uses 80mA. It can still be programmed and it does seem to run. Did my board get damaged somehow? If so, can it still be fixed?

Edit: What could have happened is that the dev kit was powered for a short time without a jumper on P22 (also no short on SB9 nor resistor on R6). Not sure what this could do to the board.

Edit2: The issue was temporarily fixed by replace the nRF52832 chip on the dev board but now it's back again. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  • Hi,

    Powering the DK without a jumper on P22 (also no short on SB9 nor resistor on R6) should not have caused any damage. How are you powering the board? What value are you using on the resistor? Could you try different values?

  • My colleague helped me replace the chip on the dev board which fixed the issue. We didn't figure out what caused the damage in the first place. I power the board through the P21 header at 3V but also tried using the battery. I used both a 10 and 100 ohm resistor. My only guess what could have happened is that the power supply I'm using spiked above 3.6V for a short moment.

    Edit: It just happened again :( Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  • Have you shorted solder bridge SB12? Note that while SB12 is shorted, the dev kit must not be powered from USB if there is a battery or external supply connected because the protection diode has been bypassed. Also note that the allowed voltage level on external supply pins are 1.7 V - 3.6 V.

  • Yes I have shorted SB12 and only power it from one source at a time, so either the external power supply or USB while programming. Never both at the same time. One of my colleagues suggested that it could have been damaged due to ESD. Are the dev kits sensitive to ESD?

  • No, the dev kits are not very sensitive to ESD. Have you shorted SB10 or SB11? Are you measuring on P22? Do you have a resistor on R6?

    Is the chip still functional?

    If you test with some of the BLE examples in the SDK, is the BLE still working ? are you able to connect to the nRF with a smartphone?