OTA fails,it stay at bootloader mode.

Hi all,

I'm using nRF5 SDK V12.2 to do the OTA for nRF52832 . In general, it's ok. However, if I close the bluetooth function on the phone or close the DFU app from the nRF toolbox to make some bad condition, the OTA is interrupted and it will stay at bootloader all the time and never switch to the original application. For the nRF5 SDK V11.0, the bootloader will switch to the original application when OTA fails. So could you tell me how to make it witch to the original application when OTA fails? Thanks.

nRF52_clife_SDK_0511.hex s132_nrf52_3.0.0_softdevice.hex nRF52_bootloader_V12.2_timeout.hex nRF52_clife_SDK_setting_0511.hex nRF52_SDK_APP_SD_BL_0511_V1.0.hex