Combining NDEF messages

I want to use the Launch App message as well as the Text Record Message together, so that when my app is launched, I can also access the message that will give me something like the device name.

IS this possible ??

Thanks, Ramkumar

  • Hi Ramkumar,

    It is possible to add multiple records to the same NDEF message. You can test this out using the Writable NDEF Message Example in our SDK. Try using NFC Tools on android to write a Launch app record along with a text record, you can observe that if NFC tag is scanned with android, only the app will be launched. Android will only show/execute the first record in the NDEF message. If reading the NFC tag using NFC Tools, you can see both records. When you are writing your own app, you can read the whole NDEF message and parse it into separate records for use in your app.

    Best regards,