Apple Homekit (change is coming) 09/2017

Hi, we would like to start a new product (update a design) and add Apple Homekit feature because ""Apple will now allow any registered developer to start building a HomeKit device" according to these news:

So, I am looking for a module (easy to integrate with our design MCU) with BLE.

The question is: do you have some news and what will probably change for you and customers? Do we buy modules and have access to the SDK without MFI?

Regards, Steph

  • Hi,

    Please create a ticket on mypage for questions related to Homekit. Roadmap related questions should go through your regional sales manager. If you don't know who that is, you can PM me with your location and I will provide you with the contact information.

  • Hi Nordic guys, I'd also like to get my hand on your homekit sdk for my nRF5 devices as a personal hobby. Apple now offers the possibility for hobbyists to develop and test homekit devices without the need of MFi program. It would be nice to offer us the homekit sdk as well (without the interface for the crypto module as we don't use it there). Thanks!