Flashing application while Power Kit is on DK

Hi guys!

Testing a little bit with the nRF511822 and Power Kit. After a little testing, I changed my application a bit and wanted to flash it into DK (via Keil) and it didn't directly give me any faults but the application on the DK didn't changed... :( More specific, I made 7.5 ms the min and max connection interval choice for a while, to test more easily. But now I want to measure power with 100 ms connection interval to compare and to do so I changed the min in application back to 100 ms (and max to 200 ms). But application still does 7.5 ms as default and changes back to 7.5 ms to quick after changing to 100 ms by hand so I really want to change the application. Is there any way to do this with Power Kit on it or do I really have to solder my DK back to normal behavior just for this?

Thanks in advance for helping!!

Gr, Mathias