pc-ble-driver dll dependencies?


We have a C# program we use in production to test and certify up to 90 of our devices at a time. We were using the nRF51 dongle and the MasterEmulator DLL, however due to the large amount of BLE traffic we have in our building, it was struggling to connect to the devices causing large amounts of retest with it's associated cost.

So, I replaced the dongle and MasterEmulator DLL with nRF52DK boards running the serialization application and converted the C# program to use the pc-ble-driver. This works great at my desk. However, when we move program to production it fails on the sd_rpc_physical_layer_create_uart call with the error: "Unable to load DLL 'pc_ble_driver_shared_sd_api_v3.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)"

The error itself is clear that there is a DLL missing. However, the pc_ble_driver_shared_sd_api_v3.dll is included with the program. Making me wonder if the DLL has dependencies on other DLLs that may not be present on the production PC. Leading me to the question: Can anyone provide a list of dependencies for the pc_ble_driver_shared_sd_api_v3.dll?

Note, I am an embedded developer doing my best in a managed code world for this particular assignment!

Thanks, John