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Problem with system off mode and stopping advertisement


Most of the sections of my application are functioning as I want it to, except these two (step 3 and step 4).


  1. Connect device (with Auto connect enabled)
  2. Transfer data using nus service from peripheral to central device.
  3. Stop/disable advertising.
  4. Initiate System OFF.
  5. Press button to restart advertising.
  6. Auto connect
  7. Repeat (from 2)

Problem 1: I'm unable to stop advertising using ble_advertising_start(BLE_ADV_MODE_IDLE); and sd_ble_gap_adv_stop(); as per

Problem 2: System OFF mode gives current consumption of around 1.6mA (unlike the expected 0.6uA). Even after resetting the device to get it out of debug mode (removing battery as well as using nrfjprog --pinreset).

Please help!!

  • Including a small delay before System Off command,solved the problem. Now everything stops on System Off. (even advertising stops without using sd_ble_gap_adv_stop();)