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raspberry pi and sensor data

Hi to all, I have just bought NRF51 DK from I couldn't found one in Turkey. I am not new to C programming but I'm new to ARM architecture. I will be brief. I want to create a home automation sensor node. I will use around 16-20 sensor node and connect them to the central node. Center node will be raspberry pi. I have written some scripts on raspberry pi and I have worked with open cv a lot. So I do not need a dummy proof explanation. I just need a direction. For example, I need to know how an external device like raspberry pi can connect to the NRF51 DK just for gathering information and disconnect. This will continue one node to another. Where should I start to learn BLE on NRF51 DK. I have only 1 development kit. I have plenty of PIC and Arduino and Raspberry Pi 2 B+, 3, Zero. Thanks for the help in advance. Any comment or post appreciated.