What is the best way to automate bluetooth connection?

The product that is in development could be used by the 100s at the same venue, if we let customers picks their device from a list there will be a lot of wrong connections and as such we decided to automate the connection process by making each device uniquely identifiable (by using NRFs 64bit manufacturing id as the unique key).

Assume that a device we picked out at random, has nrf manufacturing id as 0x12FAAACDFADE3478. We would have this unique key printed on it's boxing as a QR code which the app will scan.

We currently came up with these two ways to implement the app side automation,

  1. Append nrf's manufacturing id to device name so that, it will advertise as say 'KOI_12FAAACDFADE3478' and we scan and connect to a device with this name [problem, there is no 'scan with name' API in iOS and it needs to be implemented via code]

  2. Advertise a fake 128bit uuid like '00000000-0000-0000-12FA-AACDFADE3478', and then have the app scan and connect to a device advertising with this fake uuid [this is the preferred method as both iOS and android has a 'scan with uuid' API and time taken to connect to the device with the 'scan with uuid' API in iOS lower than the 'scan with name' code implementation]

Questions Is both methods allowed? Will the product qualify bluetooth SIG qualification if we implement either of them? specifically step 2?

Is there a better way than this?

PS: For step 2, we only add that fake uuid in advertising packet, there won't be any actual service with that uuid.