Advertising a service but not connectable?

I noticed while running a Bluetooth scanner app on my iPad, while testing one of my devices, that it was showing someone else's device in the locality.

What I found strange about this was that the device was not advertising as being connectable, but did advertise a service and had manufacturer data but also service data

    kCBAdvDataIsConnectable = 0;
    kCBAdvDataManufacturerData = <e0000104 ca525670>;
    kCBAdvDataServiceData =     {
        FE9F = <02425043 2d425f33 367a4877 0000015d db6deb30>;
    kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs =     (

Could anyone tell, me why a device would advertise as having a service but not be connectable?

And why they have Service Data as well as manufacturer data

BTW. I noticed the service uuid also looks to be very strange number.