Disable ACK at Receiver in Enhanced Shockburst

Hi Nordic,

I am using ESB_DPL SDK ver 13 for communication between one nRF51822 transmitter and multiple nRF51822 receivers with data whitening. I do not want the receiver to ACK any packets and have disabled auto_ack on the transmitter by setting .noack= true and .selective_auto_ack = true.

Testing is showing that the receivers are sending ACKs in response to what appear to be packets from other nRF51822 transmitters in the area that are sending messages with auto_ack enabled, or perhaps without data whitening enabled. In ESB_DPL control of whether the receiver sends an ACK is based on the TX payload.

Is there a setting on the receiver that will disable the receiver from ever sending an ACK regardless of whether the TX payload is requesting an ACK?

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  • Hi Alan

    When you say "other nRF51822 transmitters", do you mean devices outside your control?

    What are your address and CRC configurations?
    Unless you have both an address and a CRC match you should not send an ACK, so it seems odd that you would respond to random packets in the area.

    Best regards

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