Disabling S132 Softdevice when running FreeRTOS

Hi All, Nordic,

In my application, I don't always need BLE connectivity, so I was hoping to disable the S132 softdevice when not needed. However when I do this FreeRTOS stops working normally.

Any thoughts? Is there an alternative way to put the BLE stack on pause?


  • NRF52832
  • S132 V4.02
  • SDK 13.0
  • FreeRTOS 9.0.0 with a couple of patches from this forum

To disable the softdevice, from the FreeRTOS task which handles the softdevice events, I call,

err_code = ble_conn_params_stop();   
err_code = softdevice_handler_sd_disable();   

FreeRTOS, thereafter is stuck in this loop in port_cmsis_systick.c

    } while (0 == (NVIC->ISPR[0] | NVIC->ISPR[1]));

FreeRTOS still seems to process external interrupts (button press) which activate tasks waiting for events, but the same tasks waiting for events, don't run at their expected timeouts.

Regards, Michael