Power management of UART Peripheral using APP_UART module

For applications using the application UART Module) via APP_UART_FIFO_INIT() without hardware flow control - how does an application put the UART peripheral to sleep?

There is the app_uart_close() but there does not appear to be a corresponding 'open()' call. The only way to 'open' the UART is to call APP_UART_FIFO_INIT() again but there is a note in the description indicating:

Note: Since this macro allocates a buffer and registers the module as a GPIOTE user when flow control is enabled, it must only be called once.

Looking at the definition of APP_UART_FIFO_INIT() - it looks like this should be OK since the buffers will be expanded to function scoped static variables - but this doesn't seem right. Is there another method to handle power management of a UART instance created via APP_UART_FIFO_INIT() ?