Automotive grade Bluetooth chip k-line


We are working on Automotive project using nrf51824. below are some queries ,

We are basically want to use the chip as a Bluetooth to Kline(using Uart) bridge . . i.e we want to send/receive K line commands using a mobile app

K line uses non standard baud rate , also we need to have a start sequence with 25ms low and 25ms high pattern,

  1. We should be able to configure the UART TX pin as GPIO and switch on for 25 ms and switch it off fro 25 ms.. ?
  2. We should be able to set the customized Baudrate eg. 200, 10400 etc. ?
  3. If you have already have any solution to do KWP2000 Fast Init, kindly let us know ?

Can we configure non standard baud rate?if yes how to configure?

Do we have any relevant apps for such applications?

please confirm.

thanks in advance