nrf24l01 is too slow to send a string from Raspberry pi to Arduino?

using the sample code at

i am able to use nrf24l01 to communicate raspberry pi with arduino, but the problem is the timing. I found it takes > 20 ms to send a very simple string from raspberry pi to arduino, and this is not acceptable for my applicaiton. I am hoping the timing can be for example < 200us or something closer. You can use the code below to test the timing from raspberry pi to arduino. My test result is ~ 24 ms


start = time.time()

radio.write ("A")

end = time.time()

delta = end - start

print (1000 * delta)


if i use nrf24l01 for arduino-arduino communicaiton, i do not have the problem. it take a very short time, but RasPi-arduino communication is far too slow.

any suggestions and olutions? thanks

  • Hi Eric

    Can you capture a plot of the SPI communication between the Arduino and the nRF24L01?

    That would give a better impression of where the delays are added.

    The RPi is definitely not a real time system, and I would expect it to be slower than Arduino, but I agree > 20ms seems a bit much.

    Best regards