In the Eddystone beacon spec the word 'slot' is used

The term 'slot' is used in the context of the Eddystone beacon specification.

I cannot find a definition of that word.

For example, the sample app from Nordic says "The example provides five advertising slots" and despite working in Bluetooth for 17 years I am confused :-)

Does it mean that if you have 5 slots, then each advert will contain one frame and so 5 adverts are required to advertise all of them, OR Does it mean that you can fit 5 AD elements in a single advert ( which means it will not fit in pre v5 adverts)

I think in my case the confusion comes from a little bit too much knowledge to be able to perceive the ambiguity.

Look forward to hearing from someone.

Note to Nordic guys: it may be worth putting whatever feedback comes back as a response to this in the Nordic Inforcenter page related to "Eddystone Beacon Application"

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