nrf51822 BLE connection issue

Hello, We have a setup where we connect an nrf51822 and an iphone.The nrf51822 connects to the iphone, notifies the data and disconnects roughly every minute.(This is done to save battery).Default battery capacity this way is roughly 9 days.

Now, we took the nrf51822 out of range for around 7 days and brought it back,there is no advertisement. We've looked up issues with watchdog,battery and these seem to be work fine.

Have people faced issues where stack failed and app_error did not get called ?? Or any particular scenario where sd_app_evt_wait() failed ??

I am out of ideas here, so any obscure ones will also help.Thank you.

SDK Version: nRF51_SDK_8.1.0

bootloader Version: dfu_dual_bank_ble_s110_pca10028.hex

soft Device: s110_nrf51_8.0.0_softdevice.hex

MCP Version:

    1. Are you saying that the battery still has a sufficient voltage to power the nRF51 after the 7 days?
    2. I suppose you have some sort of mechanism to connect and disconnect the devices every minute? Is it possible that the nRF51 keeps trying to connect and that this results in an error handler or a drained battery?
    3. Have you defined DEBUG in your application? If so your application might end up in an endless while loop on errors or asserts.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    1. Yes
    2. The nRF51 only keeps advertising and we have tested 7 days advertising which does not drain the battery.
    3. This could be a possibility.Our error scenario does a sd_softdevice_disable() and re-initialises the whole stack.Need more pointers for this.

    On another note, we use MCP as mentioned above.Will anything change if I use the nrf Connect or whatever is the latest tool for programming over DFU.

  • 3: More help you mean? What exactly is unclear?

    MCP starts to get old, and nRF Connect is intended to be its successor. However, I doubt that this will have any effect on this particular issue.