SEGGER custom board definition in mesh SDK

I'm using "nrf5_SDK_for_Mesh_v0.9.2-Alpha". And, I build examples using "SEGGER Embedded Studio 3.26a".

Now I want to modify examples for my custom board. In CMake, "-DBOARD_PCA10040" is used for board definition. But, where can I change this in "SEGGER Embedded Studio"?

I guess below project's option can be used. But, "inherits" already has "BOARD_PCA10040". image description

How can I delete BOARD_PCA10040 and add my custom board's definition?

Best Regards Jake

  • Hi Jake!

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    To change the properties inherited by the solution, select your project and the go to; Project -> Open solution in editor.
    You should now see something like this:

    image description

    Notice the c_preprocessor_definitions line. There you should be able to change the BOARD_PCA10040 to BOARD_CUSTOM, or whatever else you might want.

    Best regards,