wireshark not capturing ble packets

Hi I am using wireshark 1.10.6, when press 'w' wireshark started but it is not capturing packets. even I select my device then also facing same problem. I waited for some time and then wireshark popup this error. The capture session on "\.\pipe\wireshark_nordic_ble" timed out during pipe open: The semaphore timeout period has expired.(error 121) When I used wireshark without sniffer it is capturing Ethernet packets successfully. Is there any wrong or extra settings I need to do?

details of system I am using windows 10pro x64 sniffer hardware nRF51 dongle 10031 peripheral device nRF51 Dk 10028.

  • Are you running sniffer.exe as admin?

    Did you see this under Troubleshooting in the User Guide?

    Wireshark is not able to display the sniffed packets.

    The Sniffer will generate a Wireshark capture file (%APPDATA%\Nordic Semiconductor\capture.pcap) which can be viewed afterwards even if real time viewing is not used. Press s to view the folder with the file.

  • Hi Petter, Thank you, it working the way mention in the manual. but why packets are not showing when wireshark started through sniffer?

  • Hello Petter, I am facing the same issue as Suvarna. I need to able to view the packets transmitted in real time to analyze a sample app that we are developing. The Sniffer worked fine for approximately 3 weeks when we were testing out the iOS version of our app. When we switched over to Android, I noticed that the packet capture used to stall and after a period of time, the Sniffer became completely unreliable. Now, I am not able to view the advertising devices even when they are paired with an iOS app. On some rare occasions, advertising devices are displayed on the Sniffer console window. When I start sniffing particular devices, I am able to view the packets only as background logs and that too the logs are not for the entire duration of the sniffing interval. I have tried re-flashing the firmware into the device, without resolving the issue. Please suggest a resolution for this.

  • @krishnanmc3 Could you please create a new question add a link to this if it is relevant? Also, also please include if you can see the trace afterwards. Also include which J-Link version and Wireshark version you are using.