I am using NRF51822 Rev3 and softdevice 7 in my project. On communication with Android device sometimes the link disconnects with disconnection reason61(0x3D)

  • BLE_HCI_CONN_TERMINATED_DUE_TO_MIC_FAILURE. Can you please explain When this error occurs?
  • Hi,

    BLE_HCI_CONN_TERMINATED_DUE_TO_MIC_FAILURE occurs when in an encrypted link there is a packet with correct CRC but wrong MIC. This should only happen when the key used for encryption is wrong.

    Does this happen when you are in a active connection, or when you try connect?

    What SDK version are you using?

  • Hi, Thanks for the update. The first connection and bonding process is always successful. But when I keep my android device out of range and bring it back into range, this issue occurs. Once this issue occur, the connection never recovers.

    Is this problem of corrupted or wrong encryption key is at android side or in my device? I am using SDK 6.0

  • Hi,

    • What Android device did you use to test this with?
    • What Android version is the phone running?
    • Could you also test with a different phone?