FDS close returning page not found


I am using sdk11 on NRF52382 custom Board.

I am trying to save around 1500 words in flash since the page can save approx 1000 words so I change the code to write rest of the data in another page. writing data to flash was successful, Page was also found by fds_find then I open it took data save it in RAM and tried to close the open record I got an error PAGE_NOT_FOUND and from that error, my code is not moving forward also.

FILE ID for two pages 0x1111 and 0x2888 Record ID is 0x1111 and 0x2888 For more info I am saving 25 hours of data in each hour I am receiving 120 words so I am taking 5 -5 min data and saving in flash. This is done as, find previously saved data delete it, gc->run, write (old+new data). when this process reaches in 16th hour I am not updating the first page instead the same process for rest hour data on the second page After 25 hours I reset the device to read data from flash, found that data is available in flash For this, I am running a routine that if pages with file ID and record ID are found inform and try to read data.

when Debug I found that fds_record_find return zero for both pages but for the second page when I close open page it is returning Page Not found and next code execution is disabled.

Please suggest some thing