Bluetooth SIG with nRF52832

Hi, our company one new product using you nRF52832. We already prepared everything for CE (RED ) and FCC certification process. Only thing that is unclear is Bluetooth SIG.

We are using you nRF52832 with soft device v5.0.0 with our PCB antenna, that was made by your reference design.

1)What do we need to do to comply with Bluetooth SIG standards? That includes Bluetooth trademark name.

2)If we don't want to use Bluetooth name in any of our datasheet, can we bypass SIG fee?

  1. We are developing our devices for other companies, will those companies need to register by SIG as well? If so, do we need to register in SIG, or only they?

  2. What are we even paying with SIG registration?

  3. If we make any antenna that isn't made by reference design, is it possible that you can review it so that it's easier for us to certificate it?

Thank you for your time, hopefully you can help us with this questions, and it will be useful for other users.

  • Q1: In order if you're using our nRF52832 SoC and the S132 v5.0.0, then they are already pre-qualified and you will only need to declare your product with the Bluetooth SIG, as explained here.

    Q2: No, Bluetooth is a licensed technology, so in order to obtain the license you will have to become a member of the Bluetooth SIG. As a member of the Bluetooth SIG you are obligated to pay all membership, declaration, enforcement and other fees set by Bluetooth SIG. This is clearly stated in the Bluetooth license agreements, found here.

    Q3: No, if you're developing products for a 3rd party, that intend to sell/market these devices as Bluetooth devices, then its the 3rd party that should declare/qualify the products with the Bluetooth SIG. This is of course something that you may do on behalf of the 3rd party.

    Q4: Again, Bluetooth is a licensed technology, so you're paying the Bluetooth Listing fee to use the technology as well as the use of the Bluetooth trademark and logo.

    Q5: Yes, we will review your shematics and hardware layout as well as perform tuning of the RF circuitry once we are satisfied with your layout. We offer this service free-of-chare to our customers through our Mypage Support portal.

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