About current measurement

I am trying to measure the power consumption when transmitting data from an external device to nRF 52832 to a smartphone. I am trying to measure the power consumption of nRF 52832 at that time. I referred to the tutorial. devzone.nordicsemi.com/.../ Especially I referred to the chapter using the oscilloscope. However, if I am in the current state, I can not write the program unless nRF current measurement is short-circuited, and data transmission can not be measured. What should I do? thank you in advanced

※now i use sdk14.0.0 of ble_app_uart

  • I don't understand your problem. If you have cut solder bridge SB9 and don't have a resistor there instead, then naturally you will have to short the current measurement pins to supply the nRF52 with power when you don't measure. If you use a small resistor (e.g. 10 Ohm) it shouldn't be necessary to short the pins when not measuring. Use a small jumper connecting the two pins, or just resolder SB9.

  • thank you for your reply. sorry, i misunderstood!! I did not know how to write to flash when measuring. but I was able to measure the current by turning off the power after writing to flash via USB and driving it with batteries. good regards!!