PCA2006 port to Arduino

I had purchased the Red Bear Labs "Micro" board to develop code using their MK20 USB Dongle and Arduino.

If I "hack" the programming cable to emulate the "Micro" daughter board to match the pins used on the PC2006 Beacon Kit would I have any success? I'm guessing the RedBear MICRO has a bootloader installed to allow this. Does the Beacon Kit have a similar bootloader?

I already purchased the Beacon Kit and the DK52(?) and a TAG cable. I want to use the Beacon Kit in a Sensor Application; it has everything I need including a battery. I think you guys would open up a whole new world of hobbyists using the Board if it was ported to Arduino. My guess is RedBear's libraries would work, since they are using the 51822.

Thanks. Bob M.

  • Are you referring to the RedBearLab nrf51822, WiFi Micro or BlendMicro board? The Beacon Kit does have a bootloader (see infocenter). Might also be useful to check out the Beacon Kit user guide here. Lastly, there are user guides available on the Red Bear Labs website here. I will also check to see if I have a red bear labs board lying around at work. That way, I could help out with the programming a bit. Also, I would search the Nordic devzone forum for questions related to the nrf51 beacon kit & red bear lab boards. Most often, someone has already had the same problem you will have in the future. Hope that helps! Cheers, Bjørn

  • Yes, I have the 51822 version of the WiFi Micro with the Raytac Corporation "can" over the chip. I had so far run their "blinker" example. This is encouraging since if the Beacon Kit has a Bootloader, and I use the TAG cable to connect to the expected pins, their MK20 should not know the difference. I will look at the Beacon Kit User Guide and verify which pins the 51822 is expecting communication on to run the Bootloader. If this matches the Red Bear Micro, or at least makes differences understandable, I might be in luck. Thanks for your reply. === Bob Metzner

  • Good luck! Let me know how it went.