BLE and USB can't work at the same time on nRF52840

hello. I just discovered SDK14 when trying to merge the the USBD from the "/examples/peripheral/usbd" example into the "/examples/ble_peripheral/ble_app_hrs" example I want to use ble_app_hrs over USBD when a user connects a USB cable to my "BLE peripheral" device. Through several experiments´╝îI find "ble_app_hrs" can work while "USBD" don't work. this proble is "ble_stack_init()" function in "ble_app_hrs" example and " init_power_clock()" function in USBD example have conflicted .how to resolve it ???


  • Hi,

    The SoftDevice and USB should be able to work at the same time, but things might have to be initialized in the correct order for it to work.

    What kind of conflict are you getting between the ble_stack_init() and init_power_clock()? Note that you might need to call init_power_clock() before you call ble_stack_init().