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PPK + DK, peripheral current not showing up in PPK

I've connected some sensors using I2C and SPI to a DK and their power consumption is not being reflected in the PPK. Without any BLE acitivity, the current is almost zero whereas I'd expect atleast a constant 150uA given the sensors specs and my setup. Is there a specific VDD that must be used on the DK for the peripherals when using the PPK? I've tried all the relevant VDDs on the DK with the same result.

When using the DK, I have set all the switches appropriately on the PPK, cut SB9, and when I enable some CPU and/or BLE activity, I see the expected profiles in the PPK. I've used the PPK on an external DUT successfully, and even used the PPK on the set of peripherals attached to the DK while the DK is running to make sure the peripherals are drawing the expected current, and this was also confirmed with a multimeter. But its just not showing up in the PPK. Only CPU load is showing in the PPK.

  • How have you connected the power supply for the peripheral components? The PPK measures the current supplied to the VDD_nRF pin. If you connect it to VDD of the DK it wouldn't show up on the PPK.