Import Blinky-S132 KeilC project to SEGGER Embedded Studio

Hi all , I am beginning with SEGGER Embedded Studio . I flow 2 tutorial at :

I using NRF52832 board S132 , SDKv14 I follow these steps :

  1. install nRF SEGGER Embedded Studio Device Pack: nRF.emPackage

  2. Select Project -> Build Configurations... and under Public Configurations select flash_s132_nrf52_3.0.0_softdevice and delete it by clicking the - symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up window image description

  3. Add ses_nrf52_startup.s , system_nrf52.c , remove Cortex_M_Startup.s image description

  4. Include the device header files in our Embedded Studio project (File header path)

  5. Paste the following into the Section Placement Macros field (SDKv12):

FLASH_START=0x1F000 SRAM_START=0x20002000

6.Add the definition NO_VTOR_CONFIG to the Preprocessor Definitions field

But I build error :

image description

Pls , tell me how to fix my error . And tell me config FLASH_START=0x1F000 ,SRAM_START=0x20002000 is correct ??? When I use KeilC for my board , I config as follows :

image description

If wrong . Give me the correct configuration for FLASH_START and SRAM_START . Thank very much .