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Trouble with nRF UART in Windows

Hi, I'm working on a custom board based on the nRF52832. I'm developing on Win 8.1 using SES and a J-Link Plus. SDK version 14.1. I've modified the ble_app_uart example to run from my HW. I can connect and send data to my HW/app using nRF Connect and nRF UART from an Android phone. I'd like to use nRF UART from my laptop. I believe I access that from the nRF Connect -> Bluetooth Low Energy App. However, when I use that app, I can't start the scan. Perhaps relatedly, there are no serial ports listed in the "Select Serial Ports". The nRFConnect documentation states that J-Link is required - is that true? It's obviously not true for the Android version. Can you suggest a way that I can access my device, from my laptop, over ble and NUS? Thanks!