nrf51822 flashing using image in external flash

Hello everyone,

I am using nrf51822 chip that has functionality to flash bl, sd or app using mobile app application. I want to reuse this functionality in order to have ability to flash device using very same dfu_package but instead of sending it using BT, I would send it using ISM.

This is the scenario:

  • Some main station send fw update to the device using ISM,
  • Device application would save this data into flash storage,
  • Jumps from application to BL,
  • Bootloader reads image from flash,
  • Flashes and jumps again to main application.

Questions: How are things handled in Android app: does android app do some preprocessing of the image (i.e. scan some meta data)? What would be the best approach to this problem? Maybe it would be sufficient just to pass the address of the image to some function ?

If someone could help with this problem I have, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!