Problem on Keil 5 compiled nRF51 SDK sample, deploy to nRF51822-mKIT

Dear All,

I just got my new nRF51822-mKit. And try complie mbed sample app and deploy to the mKit. It work fine.

But when i try nRF51 SDK sample with Keil 5, eg.: \nrf51822\Board\nrf6310\s110\ble_app_alert_notification

I use Keil 5 to compiled the sample and copy the output hex file. And then deploy to mKit (copy to mkit drive). It seem not running.

Any idea and advise? Thank you.

  • Hi,

    The examples in the SDK does not include the softdevice merged into the .hex file, as the mbed projects does. What you will have to do is to perform the same operation as an exported mbed project (to Keil uVision)

    image description

    This is the whole string that is included in the ble_beacon example that I exported from mbed (you'll have to match the path to the softdevice to your system):

    mergehex -m !H  mbed/TARGET_NRF51822/s110_nrf51822_6.0.0_softdevice.hex  -o $H@H.hex
  • Hi,

    I've the same problem but the previous answer doesn't help me,

    I use : An nRF51822 mbed kit + Kiel 5

    So I updated the firmware like this : and I dropped s110_nRF51822_v6.000 into MBED(H:)

    I successfully use (I detect BLE activities on my BLE USB dongle) the BLE_HeartRate (I got the .hex on and dropped it into MBED(H:))

    But when I want to use the nRF51-SDK examples (more specifically \nrf51822\Board\nrf6310\s110\ble_app_hid_keyboard), I use Kiel 5 and set up the "project>option for target" like this blog :

    It compiles and flashes successfully but nothing happen (I don't found any BLE activities)

    I did everything except " Once loaded, please follow the "configuring a project for CMSIS-DAP debugger" section for the s110 project of your desire." because I didn't understand on this blog.

    I'd be grateful if somebody can help me !

    thank you !