Linker error Error[Lt009]: Inconsistent wchar_t size

Hi! I have download nRF5_SDK_14.1.0, and I have IAR Embedded Workbench IDE ARM 8.20.1

I want compile ble_app_eddystone.eww from examples, but have error:

Error[Lt009]: Inconsistent wchar_t size occ_lib_occ_curve25519.c.o(occ_lib_nrf52_iar.a) and 4 other objects have wchar_t size 16 bits aes.o and 74 other objects, some of them in dl7M_tlf.a and 10 other libraries have wchar_t size 32 bits

What is this? What can I do for build this project?

My chip is 52832, workspace is ble_app_eddystone_pca10040_s132.ewp