Is the extended advertising feature of Bluetooth 5 supported by any released softdevice yet?

I'm wondering if the extended advertisement feature of Bluetooth 5.0 is supported in any softdevice. If not, when can we expect it to be supported? Still within 2017 (as I read in several posts) or we are looking at 2018?

  • Hi Saintnever,

    Advertising Extensions are currently not supported by any production versions of the SoftDevices for the nRF52 series ( S112, S132 and S140).

    The S140 v6.0.0-6.alpha supports connection establishment on 1Mbps, 2Mbps or LE Coded Phy (Long Range) using Advertising Extensions.

    I do not think that we'll release any production-ready SoftDevices with Advertising Extensions support before early 2018. For more detailed information regarding roadmap and release schedules please contact your local Regional Sales Manager(RSM). If you do not have any contact information, then let me know where you're based in a PM and I will provide you with the local RSMs contact info.

    Best regards


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