IoT SDK 1.0.0 - DFU with IoT File - PStorage?

Hello Dev Zone,

We've been using the IoT SDK 0.9 all year and recently ported to the production release bundled with the SDK 14.1 package.

We have the DFU working with the SDK 0.9, which is based on top of the IoT File module.

The SDK documentation is referencing the using of the PStorage module, for example in these docs:

  • API Reference / IoT Components / IoT DFU / Application IoT DFU
  • Libraries / IoT Libraries / Experimental IoT Libraries / IoT File

And in examples: /components/iot/iot_dfu/app/iot_dfu.c, it's looking for "iot_file_pstorage_raw.h"

I do see the new dfu_background module, but we already have a transport mechanism/protocol in in our architecture.

What is the recommended migration path for us? PStorage looks to have migrated to FDS but the IoT DFU libraries look to still use PStorage.