Issues running imported Keil project in Segger Studio

I tried importing the Keil 5 SDK 13 project from into Segger.

I followed all the directions from However, I did have to reverse the thumb_crt0.s modifications of adding fs_data information. The changes gave errors when building that were removed upon reversing the file to its original state. Below is a photo of that error. Goes away using the original thumb_crt0.s though.

Here is a photo of that error.

I am able to Build fine.

There are no indications something is wrong when hitting "Build and Run". Only thing maybe is many of the lines are listed as "Working" and others as "Completed". The nRF52832 DK is not advertising any BLE services so the project does not seem to work. Output pictures below

image description image description

The project works fine downloading to the DK from Keil and I can connect to the BLE advertisements then.

Anyone know a solution?