How to delete specific peer?

I met a problem when delete bonding information on android central, i actually can't connect to the nrf52832 peripheral again, until i totally clear it's peer list and bond again. If i don't do this and try bond from android again, nrf just rejects, as it thinks that the device is already in peer list, and on android i see unseccessfull pairing due to wrong PIN. Is there any way to track from peripheral point of view that the android device that connects have messed up the pairing info and remove this specific central by id from peer list, preserving all other members in it.

P.S. If i do the opposite - clear peer list in peripheral and then try to rebond from central, there is no problem. First android still remembers that the device is bonded. When it try to read protected characteristic connection is lost (it's okey, because for nrf52 this is new device). And then force bonding from android it all works (my passkey entry pops up and new bonding establishes successfully).