Update bootloader

I use nRF52840-Preview-DK PCA10056 v0.9.3, SDK 14.1.0. I would like update bootloader, but i have any problems. I do these steps 1.eraseall 2.program softdevice 3.load bootloader 4.load application 5.load bootloader package zip file.

My problem is that, when I load bootloader package zip file it does not work.

Thanks in Advance, Hayk.

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  • Hi Bjorn. I just use this example experimental_bootloader_secure_usb from SDK 14.1.0. The first four steps I do with keil. Then I use these command lines in my five step nrfutil pkg generate --hw-version 52 --sd-req 0x96 --bootloader-version 1 --bootloader nrf52840_xxaa_S140.hex --key-file private.pem dfu_package.zip and nrfutil dfu serial -pkg dfu_package.zip -p COM12

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