Changing hvn_tx_queue_size with S132 V5.1

I am using S132 V5.1 in combination with nRF5 14.2, and I cannot find where I can set hvn_tx_queue_size.

We are using the new option to configure the softdevice using the sdk_config.h file, thus

uint32_t 	sd_ble_cfg_set (uint32_t cfg_id, ble_cfg_t const *p_cfg, uint32_t app_ram_base)

is never called.

Is it still possible to change the hvn_tx_queue_size when using

uint32_t nrf_sdh_ble_default_cfg_set(conn_cfg_tag, &ram_start);  /* Configure the BLE stack with the settings specified in sdk_config. */

if so, how; do we still have to call sd_ble_cfg_set() somewhere, does this function play nicely with the new sdk_config.h defines?