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Keil µvision 5 doesn't recognize nrf51822 target devices

Last time I used Keil µvision4 few weeks ago everything was working fine, Today I got first a connection problem with keil µvision4 when trying to upload some code, then I decided to uninstall everything and re-install, then I found that µvision4 no more exists and installed instead µvision5 then JLink drivers then nordic SDK, I first had the compatibility issue between µvision4 and µvision5 projects which I solved by installing the tool recommended by Keil to solve the issue. Then once I opened my project (which was working perfectly last time I touched keil few weeks ago) I got two error messages : error 1 : "error loading software packs, run time environment might work incorrectly" error 2 : "device support not found ...". Then when I try to reconfigure target device I can't find Nordic in the list of devices !

Thank you for the help

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  • I seem to be stuck with the same problem. Both nRF51822 (previously working OK) and nRF51422 dev kits (just getting started with this) behave the same. 'Repair' doesn't seem to fix this for me.

    The "Error loading software packs..." message refers to four errors in nRF_DeviceFamilyPack.pdsc at (60,49) and (117,18).

    I've also tried following the recommended link to (mdkcm510.exe) which as Tarik has already suggested removes the initial compatibility issue.

    Hope that helps, but I'm also currently stuck.

  • Just recently picked up a new nRF51822 DK and I'm seeing the same issue. Just trying to open a project in Keil, and getting errors loading packs. One such error is below. Opening the Pack installer from Keil generates an error for each Nordic package.

    C:\Keil_v5\ARM\PACK\NordicSemiconductor\nRF_DeviceFamilyPack\1.0.3\NordicSemiconductor.nRF_DeviceFamilyPack.pdsc(60,49): Error parsing node '#text' :no declaration found for element 'swdconfig'

  • I only ever see the pop up for the Segger drivers, never the Keil Pack Installer. I made the mistake of installing the SDK first, but I've tried both removing then re-installing and repairing. Is there a way to launch the Keil Pack Installer manually?