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Keil µvision 5 doesn't recognize nrf51822 target devices

Last time I used Keil µvision4 few weeks ago everything was working fine, Today I got first a connection problem with keil µvision4 when trying to upload some code, then I decided to uninstall everything and re-install, then I found that µvision4 no more exists and installed instead µvision5 then JLink drivers then nordic SDK, I first had the compatibility issue between µvision4 and µvision5 projects which I solved by installing the tool recommended by Keil to solve the issue. Then once I opened my project (which was working perfectly last time I touched keil few weeks ago) I got two error messages : error 1 : "error loading software packs, run time environment might work incorrectly" error 2 : "device support not found ...". Then when I try to reconfigure target device I can't find Nordic in the list of devices !

Thank you for the help