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Nrf52840 UART connection problems

Dear support team, I’m using nrf52840 with PCA10056 and SDK 14.1. I have problems of UART connection.

  1. I do believe that MCU has physical connections to nrf52840 GPIO pins of P0.05, P0.06, P0.07 and P0.08, which are used to UART connection between nrf52840 and MCU. Am I right?

  2. So if I want to set up UART connection between MCU and nrf52840, I must use these pins P0.05~P0.08 for my UART instance, right?

  3. If I starting with “examples\ble_peripheral\ble_app_uart”, and I want to hook up PDK with PC by UART connection, but I do not want to use the PDK MCU USB interface, so I just modify the UART pins from P0.05~P0.08 to P0.26(RXD), P0.27(TXD), P0.02(CTS), P1.15(RTS), and then use an FTDI USB to TTL232R(3.3V) convertor to connect to these pins(RX-TX, TX-RX, CTS-RTS, RTS-CTS) with my PC. Then I can see UART output on my PC with TeraTerm(or Putty)? And If I need two UART connection, I just need to create two UAR instances and enable them both in sdk_config.h. Am I Right?

  4. I found two kinds of UART related example in SDK14.1, include “examples\ble_peripheral\ble_app_uart” and “examples\peripheral\serial”. I found something different for the two examples. It seems like that ble_app_uart example uses FIFOs as buffers for UART data transferring. I’m not sure which one will be better for my application as a start point? Real-time performance? Low energy?

Could someone help me about this? Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Tengfei.