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What is connection parameters?

What are the connection parameters for a Bluetooth low energy link, and how do they affect performance?

  • Slave Latency doesn't affect the performance at all. If there are data to be exchanged, they are transmitted with the rate determined by Connectio Interval. Slave Latency applies only to periods when there is no data to send.

  • "The peripheral generally will need to generate a connection parameters update request" In a use case where a peripheral is content with what the central dictates (peripheral doesn't care), is it possible for a central to require a negotiation? That is, what BLE events related to connection parameters MUST a peripheral respond to (to insure a connection is made), when the peripheral app is implemented without the connections module? In other words, the connection module is relatively new to the SDK, and older examples worked without it, is there any code in the older examples that must be used as substitute for the connections module? Maybe BLE_GATTS_EVT_EXCHANGE_MTU_REQUEST?