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Using RTT viewer and Uart to send ESP8266 AT commands

Hello , I am using sdk12.2 and pca10028. I have implemented rtt viewer so that I dont need uart to debug or to print something. I am using uart to send AT commands to esp8266. I have tested individually and my uart code can send AT commands and I am getting response back. Now I am combining this code with ble_app_uart_c(central ) for scanning nearby ble devices.

scan function - New Text Document (3).txt.

Uart_loopback_test - New Text Document (3).txt

Uart_terminal - uart_terminal.PNG

RTT_Terminal - rtt_terminal.PNG

main.c - New Text Document (3).txt

Thanks, Shailav

  • Have you tried to debug to figure out why your scanning stops? Do you get an error somewhere that resets the device? This might give some insight.

  • Hi Peter, I figured out the challenge. I am actually trying to scan the nearby ble devices using the code ble_app_uart_c . Now I want to send this data through esp8266 using at commands. Now unfortunately nrf51822 has only 1 uart so I am using rtt viewer to see the data of scan devices. So the left uart I am using now to send AT commands to esp8266. Now my challenge is when I am using the function of uart in function of scan response is attached in question above. I am not getting output as expected. Although I am successful in sending data through uart to Esp8266 wifi module. For your reference I am attaching the uart code for esp8266 above in question. Please suggest me changes. Thanks, Shailav

  • Ok. So what do you get? Have you tried to debug? Have you checked if you get any errors?

  • Hi, I am not getting errors. I am attaching screenshot of the function and output from uart as well as rtt viewer above in question. My function call uart_loopback_test() is not getting executed when I am calling this in case BLE_GAP_EVT_ADV_REPORT: I want to send the mac address, rssi and UUId via esp8266 to server. Thanks, Shailav

  • Maybe this is happening because you are calling it from interrupt context? Does it work if you set a flag when you get the BLE_GAPEVT_ADV_REPORT and call uart_loopback_test() from main instead? Or you could try to increase the interrupt priority of the uart?