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Keil 5.11 Device pack parsing error

Has anyone tried Keil 5.11? I get a parsing error when installing/repairing SDK when it imports the device pack into Keil. 5.10 works great.

The new parser is complaining about invalid tags.

  • According to the Keil online documentation, the swdconfig property has been removed. You can see that it was supported under previous CMSIS-Pack formats by looking them up in the Google cache.

    To fix it, look for the PDSC file in the C:\Keil_v5\ARM\Pack\NordicSemiconductor\nRF_DeviceFamilyPack\1.0.3 directory. Find the swdconfig tag and comment it out using XML comments by changing it to this:

    <!--<swdconfig default="1" clock="2000000">-->

    The JLink SWD clock parameters are queried automatically for the Segger devices, so this should be a harmless change.

    Then restart Keil.

    I've just done this, cleaned, then re-built, tested, flashed, and debugged a BLE HID solution, and it works just fine.