nRFgo Studio cannot load JLinkARM.dll, re-installing does not help. What went wrong?

After installing nRFgo Studio v1.17.1 on Windows 7 64 Bit (using the administrator account), I get an error message in the Log section just when I start the program:

"JLinkARM.dll is not correctly installed. Please run the nRF Tools installer to install the newest version."

When I login as administrator and start nRFgo Studio, everything works fine and the nRF51822-DK debugger is detected successfully. When I login as a normal user, the error mentioned above appears and the debugger is not detected.

I tried installing the software on a different pc, first, everything seemed to work fine, but after I tried updating the JLink driver to a newer version (V4.94g), the same problem appeared. I deinstalled nRFgo Studio, nRFTools and all JLink drivers, rebooted, and tried to install nRFgo Studio again. But now, I even get the error message under the administrator account!

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  • I figured out the problem: There is a registry entry for each user, pointing to the JLink installation registry. This registry entry is not updated when new JLink software is installed to a different directory. Update the following registry entry for each user that uses nRFgo Studio, and it should work:


    I hope this may help anybody who has the same problem. It's sad to waste your time on such a stupid bug.